Mary Lou Lennon ~ My Story

DSC03396Hello My Friends,

I started looking for a way to make money from home when we were living in El Paso, Texas.  My husband, Jeff, has always made good money, but we were now living 1600 miles from home. Our home is Florida.

I will never forget the phone call that day….  “If you want to see your Grandpa alive, you better get here quick!” Wow…. of course we want to see Grandpa. I check the airlines, it is going to cost over $2000 for us to fly home. No way! That was out of our budget!

So, we proceed to pack up the truck to drive home. It has always taken 2 and a half days to make that drive. We were shooting for just 2 days this time. We are off….. just as we are starting our 2nd day driving, we get a phone call telling us that Grandpa has passed. We did not make it in time to see him one last time.

That was really hard to take. I mean, Grandpa had always told Jeff…. no matter what, just keep on working. So that is what he did. There was no work in Florida at the time, so we headed where the work was. Jeff has worked all over the US, so when he found work in Texas…. we went for it!


Well, we get to Florida in time for the funeral and to visit with the family. We get to see our son and his wife who is pregnant with our first Grandchild.

Of course, we had to head back  so Jeff could get back to work. Our grandson was born while we were traveling back to Texas. That was really hard, we knew we wouldn’t be able to go back for at least 6 months. Talk about torn between two places, man it was tearing us apart. We love our family and cherish the kids!  Why can’t we just live where we want to live?

That is when we started looking for a way to make money online. We just wanted to be free…. to live where we wanted to live and be with our family.

Well, it took a couple of years to find the Right opportunity, and we finally made it. Working with Empower has been the best year of our lives. It is truly about Empowering you to live your best life.  And to be the most powerful version of yourself.

Finally… we are home. Now we have the time freedom to do what we want, when we want. There is nothing better than being in control of your day, everyday!

Time freedom is amazing! We visit the kids and grand kids when we want, we go fishing when we want. We don’t hate Mondays anymore and life is GOOD!

If you are ready to have some Time Freedom for yourself….

we are looking for a few more motivated people to join our team. We are Team Be the Change and we are being the Change that we want to see in this world. Kids grow up so fast, you need to be there for every moment that you possibly can. Empower can give you that freedom.

Live Free, Help Others, and Get Paid what you are worth!

How does that sound, my friend?

With my team Be the Change, you get to be in on our face book group for daily support and you also get access to our fast start training on our team site. Our amazing leaders have put together some stellar training on this site, and this is all included when you Join Today!

So if you are ready to make a better life for you and your family, you can get started with just $25.00! Not only will you be helping yourself, you will be helping others to start making a better life for themselves too!

It feels good to free yourself, but wait til you start helping others! Man, it is amazing and empowering to be a HERO!

We are changing lives everyday! Will you be next?

It is entirely up to you!




Love ya,

~Mary Lou Lennon


P.S. We are coming out soon in Spanish, Portugese, German and Russian… I think there is one more, not sure which. We already have people from all over the world in Empower Network.

We are just getting started! You are in the Right Place at the Right Time and with the Right People to impact your future like only in your Dreams!

Let’s lock arms and do this together! Life is Good at Empower Network !

I can’t wait to meet you!

If you would like to learn more, just Click Here to see the video from our fearless leaders!

How to Live the Life of Your Dreams

How to Make Your Life Your Own!
Posted on 12/28/2013

Have you ever felt like your life was not your own? Like ~You are working everyday to make someone else’s dreams come true?

Are you tired of that?

It is time to start investing in you ~it is time to make a difference in your own life and your families lives! Hey! They call it the Empower Network for a reason!

Life is too short to spend too much time at work and not enough time with your family.

All you have to do is make a decision to CHANGE your LIFE!

Dreams are coming true here everyday. Watch this video to learn more….



This company is growing so fast right now! This is absolutely the right place at the right time!
We just had our Freedom Event in Miami and they handed out 5 more millionaire rings. It might have been more than that….
this weekend was pretty intense.
Empower has only been around just over 2 years now…..
Over 200,000 people have joined…..
and they have paid out over 60,000,000 in commissions!
AND we are just getting started.
There is no time like the present.
We are spiraling upward…..
there is still time to get in and skyrocket with us!
Go ahead, get out your credit card and JOIN!
It is only $25 to start your own business!
We are going live with German, Russian, Spanish and Portugese very soon!
This thing is on fire and you are lucky enough to be able to get in NOW! Don’t wait too long. I’m not sure how much longer you have to get in!

Overcoming Fear ~5 Sure Fire Ways to Overcome Fear!

Hello My Friend,

Overcoming Fear of whatever you are afraid of can be daunting….

especially if you dwell on your fears!


It really boils down to a choice…..

Do you choose Fear…..

or do you choose your Dreams?


I choose my Dreams! I want more from this Life….

so I do things regardless of the fear. I mean it is just a feeling.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway!


1. Imagine yourself doing it first and having success. Visualize how good you feel by just doing the thing even though you felt fear.


2. Next, go do it! This may sound oversimplified… but really the way to change is to start with you. It only takes a couple of weeks to set new habits.


3. What is the worst that could happen? Maybe things don’t turn out the way you wanted, so you learned what ‘not to do’ for next time.

Hey…. that is what we are here to do… Learn and Grow.


4. Learn something new everyday. This is something that you will hear from me often. Nothing conquers Fear like self confidence. The more you learn… the more confidence you will have.


5. Now go out and conquer, implement your new skills. You will soon learn that what you thought was so scary, was just your lack of confidence. Practice what you have learned everyday.


I believe in you! You are fearless! (it helps to tell yourself that as well)

As humans we tend to over-complicate things…..

Don’t fall into that trap…..

Hey, I have done it myself.

That is part of the learning process, and why it is so important to learn and grow everyday. The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Put it to work….

Start making your life what you want it to be.

Lots of Love to you all!

You are awesome.

Here is one of my newest Favorite quotes ~


“There is a time in every man’s education when he arrives at the conviction that…. Imitation is suicide… that though the wide universe is full of good, no kernel of nourishing corn can come to him but through his toil bestowed on that plot of ground which is given to him to till. The power which resides in him is new in nature, and none but he knows what that is which he can do, nor does he know until he has tried.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


Now, if you are like me…

you may have to read this a couple of times for it to sink in.

But I think that it really is so inspiring!

Expand your mind…. think and grow. Life is so much richer when you are learning new skills and ways of thinking. Use it or lose it…. as the saying goes.


Are you ready to get to work on the new you?

Join Empower Network Today and start your journey of self empowerment with me!

Click on the “Yes! Let Me In Now” button below to start your own blog….





I absolutely love the Empower Network for so many reasons!

I was full of fear and even depression before I started my journey with Empower Network.

This family is all about empowering the people to be the best ‘You’ that you can be! I have so much gratitude for Dave and Dave for envisioning this beautiful “Dream Come True” and sharing it with us!

Thank you Dave’s! I love you and this beautiful creation of yours!

Take this opportunity now to start your life anew! We are just getting started and the potential for success is limited only by your vision! Expand and grow….

you can thank me later!

Love, empowerment and success to all who dare to Dream!


~Mary Lou



Personal Development Plan





Hello Friends! Are you looking to improve your life?

Do you want more time Freedom?

Want to Be Your Own BOSS?

You need a personal development program!

Empower Network is just that! This is the best Personal Development Plan that I have seen in my years online.


  • *You get your own optimized Empower Network Blog.
  • *Start blogging right away…. about your passion! It is up to you!
  • *Get in the Inner Circle ~this is where the top earners in our Family share their secrets to success every Monday night!
  • *You listen ~you learn ~you take action with your new found knowledge.
  • *Get All In as far as you can… this is where the Magic happens. You will earn 100% commissions on all of the products that you own. YES I said 100% commissions. You can’t afford not to get all in.
  • *The products are worth way more than they are charging for them…. so you better hurry before they come to their senses.
  • *You will see the change in yourself almost instantly. Life is good when you are your own boss!



Ready to get started on your Own Personal Development Plan?



Join me and Team Be the Change…..

We are growing like crazy and would love for you to be with us on our Journey to Be The Change that the world needs now!

I absolutely love this family and our team has some amazing Leadership! We will show you how to make things happen in your business and your life will never be the same!

We are all about Building a Business While Still Having a Life!


There are only good things happening here at Empower Network!


Lots of Love!

See you on the beaches of the world, my friend!


Branding and Marketing Expert, President, Chris Brown Presents Three Internet Marketing Workshops at Annual Conference …

Three workshops; “How to Use Your Blog to Attract New Customers” “Social Media Strategies that Market Your Business” and “Use Video to Improve Your Marketing Results” were presented at the 15th annual NNEP Conference by Chris Brown.

Columbus, Ohio (PRWEB) March 19, 2011

Chris Brown, President of Marketing Resources Results, Inc. and publisher of the award winning blog Branding and Marketing, presented three Internet marketing workshops at the Annual Conference of the National Network of Embroidery Professionals (NNEP) in Columbus this past month.

“Online videos, blogging and social media offer new effective marketing tools that can really help build awareness for a small business with very little additional cost” explained Brown. “To be most effective, business owners need to develop a strategy for their participation so that they are able to connect with prospects and realize sales growth for their company.”

The three workshops were “How to Use Your Blog to Attract New Customers” “Social Media Strategies that Market Your Business” and “Use Video to Improve Your Marketing Results.” Each 90-minute session offered concrete tips and take away tools that attendees could quickly use to understand and participate in social media marketing for their business.

“Our participants were thrilled to have Chris Brown as a presenter and I’m still hearing wonderful feedback about all they learned” said Jennifer Cox, NNEP President and conference organizer. One workshop attendee from Michigan had this to say: “I attended two of Chris Brown’s workshops and I learned a lot. Now I just have to go home and start to practice.”

In the blogging workshop Brown explained how blogs allow a business owner to connect with their readers. A business blog provides the opportunity to tell a story, incorporate video and photos to demonstrate a point, and invite readers to share in the discussion or offer their opinion. Brown suggested that attendees start by reading blogs and joining in the discussion via the comment section. When a business professional is ready to start their own blog, is in important to determine their primary topic and the target audience they hope to engage. Many business owners find blogging to be an inexpensive, effective way to interact with potential customers or clients.

The video marketing workshop included six ways business owners use video to improve their marketing efforts. It included a hands-on session where owners created their own video for posting on the Internet. Attendees also learned about creating a YouTube channel for their business, incorporating a live link back to the primary company website and using key word phrases to assist with search engine results.

Creating a strategy for online marketing participation starts with determining what the business professional wants to accomplish. Once a goal is determined, the social media vehicles that will best achieve those goals are the ones to participate in regularly.

“Marketing is such an important part of our members’ business and Internet marketing is a complex topic,” said Cox. “I know our members that attended these marketing workshops left with a better understanding.”

Most annual conferences invite speakers from within their industry to present topics that impact their members’ business. However, marketing on the Internet is now recognized as a valuable and powerful vehicle; regardless of industry and therefore, more and more conference organizers find value in offering Internet marketing workshops.

“An annual conference is a great place for learning about emerging marketing tactics” explained Brown. “Often members of an association or organization don’t have the time away from work to hear about these new tools. At a trade show or business conference, they have time to invest on their business for growth. It is a great place to learn from marketing experts about how to use the latest marketing tools.”

Brown publishes Branding Marketing for business professionals with an interest in improving their branding and marketing results. The online publication has over 850 articles and a subscriber base of almost 9,000 readers. Read more about marketing tools at the Branding and Marketing website, For more information about the three Internet marketing workshops that Chris Brown presented or to contact her to speak at your next annual conference, call 330-656-9793.

# # #

Chris Brown
Marketing Resources Results, Inc.
Email Information

Vertical Measures Launches How-to Marketing Guide Series for Promoting Your Business in the Digital Space

Internet marketing company, Vertical Measures has announced the launch of its new online book store along with two how-to guides to help businesses enhance their online marketing initiatives.

Phoenix, AZ (Vocus/PRWEB) March 24, 2011

Vertical Measures, a leader in online content marketing, has launched a new book store on its comprehensive website. With the implementation of the Internet marketing company’s book store, the first two how-to guides: Local Search Marketing for Business: A How-to-Guide, written by Sarah Moraes, and Twitter for Business: A How-to-Guide, written by Abby Gilmore have been released.

Local Search Marketing for Business: A How-to-Guide targets businesses that want to optimize their website for local search, structure their content to optimize search engine listings in their favor, and create localized content. The guide was written by Sarah Moraes, content marketing strategist at Vertical Measures, who specializes in coordinating educational events for training businesses in developing content marketing strategies.

Arnie Kuenn, President of Vertical Measures, said, “As a leader in online marketing, Vertical Measures employs some of the most knowledgeable and personable individuals in the industry. We are glad to have their expertise in writing, in order to expand our reach and educate businesses everywhere on the critical marketing tactics they need to succeed in a fully digital era.”

The Internet marketing services company has also announced the release of Twitter for Business: A How-to Guide. Covering how businesses can get started using Twitter, this guide addresses the basics along with SEO integration and how the results of such a campaign can be measured. Abby Gilmore, content strategist for Vertical Measures, wrote this guide, combining her journalism and public relations background with the Internet marketing experience that has enabled her to create content strategies for content and social media distribution.

Visit to learn more about the company and its services. For more information on and to purchase the how-to guides, go to

About Vertical Measures

Vertical Measures provides strategic search, social, and content marketing services that increase traffic and conversions for business to grow in a competitive online market. Specializing in Internet marketing and SEO, the company employs individuals skilled in marketing, social media, and web design. It serves clients ranging from major ecommerce websites to universities, fortune 500 companies, and SEO agencies.


Elise Redlin-Cook
Vertical Measures
Email Information

Internet Marketing Profit Centre (IMPC) Releases E-Course to Educate Website Owners about Converting Visitors into …

7 Secrets To Websites That Sell e-course Released offers SME
business owners a quick start guide to point them in the right direction
to make sure they have a website that sells. Anyone who has a business
website or who is considering setting one up should register for this
e-course and take advantage of its information.

SYDNEY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Internet Marketer Fiona Lewis from the Internet Marketing Profit
Centre (IMPC) has created a two week e-course to educate website owners
about the essential elements of a website that converts visitors into

“is that all of the strategies covered are generally simple
and easy to implement , but they can make the most incredible difference
to the conversion rate of the site. However, the majority of people
don’t even know about them.”

There is a lot of emphasis in the Internet Marketing community
about getting traffic to websites, but Lewis believes just as much
emphasis should be placed on setting up a website in such a way that it
compels website visitors to take the desired action , whether that be to
sign up for a free giveaway or newsletter, pick up the phone to make
contact with the business or make a purchase online.

The 7 Secrets To Websites That Sell e-course is designed to
educate SME website owners in seven easy to follow lessons.

“Imagine if in a few minutes a day over two weeks you could
discover the key to making your website bring in fresh leads… new
customers… more profits… every single day” says Lewis.

Lewis believes that websites should have one sole purpose: grow
your business and make you money. Yet most business owners do not
experience this type of online presence.

This is because many website designers do not have an
understanding of what it takes to create an effective and profitable
online presence. Yes, the site may look great , but if it is not making
you money, then it is essentially an expensive advertisement sitting in

“What website owners will find when doing this free e-course”
says Lewis, “is that all of the strategies covered are generally simple
and easy to implement , but they can make the most incredible difference
to the conversion rate of the site. However, the majority of people
don’t even know about them.”

to get access to the free course.

IMPC is an Internet Marketing Consulting business in Sydney,
Australia with clients across a broad range of industries. The IMPC team
includes SEO experts, designers and coding professionals with a thorough
knowledge of online marketing.

Google Algorithm Update Rewards Quality Internet Marketing – Release

Join Release-news and submit your press release FREE! Your news will appear on high traffic sites like Google News providing worldwide distribution. Release-news also offers FREE backlinks, anchor text, and images. Which will increase your SEO Internet Marketing results, and gain greater visibility for your website, service, or message.

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Orlando Based Internet Marketing Agency Receives Top 500 Emerging Businesses …

March-2011 – Winter Park, FL – .Com Marketing, a full service internet marketing and online advertising agency, has distinguished themselves as one of the top entrepreneurs in the country. Over 750,000 businesses in the United States had the opportunity to participate in the 11th Annual Business Survey.

The award is based on annual gross revenue and the business profile of .Com Marketing which has shown phenomenal growth over the last year. This award is the basis of the annual “Top Business List” which is seen by over 15 million people and is used by Fortune 500 companies and large buying organizations to find new business partners.

“It is an honor to be listed with so many other emerging companies in the entire nation.” Growth in these times has been a team effort and we are priming ourselves for bigger growth in the next five years “said Hillary Bressler, CEO of .Com Marketing (

.Com Marketing will be honored at the “11th Annual National Business Awards Ceremony and Conference” on April 19-21, 2011. The ceremony and conference will be held at the Gaylord National Resort and Conference Center in Washington, D.C. and will be hosted by Joan Lunden former CO-host of Good Morning America. For more information, visit

About .Com Marketing:

.Com Marketing is one of the few founding internet marketing agencies in the nation. They have pioneered the internet marketing industry for 14 years and have been spot on when it comes to predicting and executing successful internet marketing strategies to excel their clients ahead of their competition.

About is the nation’s primary resource portal for small businesses and large organizational buyers (i.e., Fortune 1000 Companies, Government Agencies and College/Universities). It is a membership-based exchange platform that facilitates contacts and communication, streamlines business processes and provides vital business news and information.

Media Contact

Hillary Bressler


400 North Wymore Road

Winter Park, Florida 32789

Press Release Courtesy of Online PR Media (